Forest living

Roseville Pavilions

Roseville Pavilions is expressed as three separate buildings that step across the site and are set within landscaped gardens.

The architecture responds to the unique natural characteristics of the Ku-ring-gai site, and consists of 2 basement floors, 4 typical residential floors and a setback residential rooftop level. The three ‘pavilion’ buildings align with the street frontage of Nola Road and step back along the length of Nola Lane, in keeping with the existing site contours. This stepped building form breaks down the building mass to align with the existing scale of neighbouring buildings.

The architecture and landscape have been considered as integral parts of the whole, with the base of the buildings expressed through the terraced landscape to address the site’s steep topography. The buildings have been horizontally articulated, with a base, middle and top serving to break down the vertical scale.

A natural palette of materials, including sandstone, timber and brick is consistent with that of surrounding buildings and responds directly to the natural beauty of the location.

Part of the site footprint has intentionally remained as deep soil planting. This will ensure that the landscape setting dominated by the form of the Blue Gum high forest is maintained. The proposed development preserves all significant existing trees and proposes the planting of additional indigenous trees that will serve to enhance the existing character.



Kyko Group


Sydney | Darug Country, Australia






4,035 sqm


Tyrone Branigan