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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Dubai

Inspired by a timeline of cutting-edge British cuisine, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Dubai presents a theatrical culinary experience that envelopes diners’ senses. The Dubai restaurant was commissioned following the success of the award-winning Dinner Melbourne and London venues, continuing the playfulness established by the brand and further develops the aesthetic and menu.


Located within the Dubai landmark Atlantis The Royal, the Michelin star restaurant’s design complements the menu, while accommodating 160 guests. Incorporating a 120-seat dining room, a private dining space, and substantial wine cellar, all elements within the venue work together to create a memorable fine-dining occasion.

The planning principles, base palette and architectural features are an evolution of what was developed in Melbourne and are delivered as key theatrical elements.

The interiors have been developed to work alongside the reinterpreted historic recipes from the royal Hampton Courts, which have also been reimagined by Heston with a modern flair. These design elements include the Tudor rose ceiling motif, masonry wall panels and combined timber and brick paved flooring, reminiscent of the courts of King Henry VIII through to Queen Victoria’s reign.

The rich, deep-coloured palette of the soft furnishings and banquettes have been developed specifically for Dubai, creating a sumptuous atmosphere. The restaurant’s three custom carpets based on royal Gothic tapestries were developed with a specialist carpet manufacturer.

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Guests enter through a carved timber ‘closet’ with an oak forest scent. As they take several steps forward a sliding door panel opens exposing the signature theatrics of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.

The activity of the show kitchen is visible upon arrival and throughout dinner service. The kitchen features a spit-roast pulley system modelled on those used in the courts of King Henry VIII.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the private dining room’s embossed leather wall panels open to reveal views into the show kitchen once guests have been seated. The outdoor terrace, which accommodates al fresco dining, offers panoramic views overlooking the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai.

Artists commissioned for the London venue have also developed the iconic sculptural elements for Dubai, with the same level of mastery and theatrics extending to the way dishes are presented.

The showpiece mechanical pineapple is connected to an elaborate timepiece mechanism, as well as rotating cogs on the ceiling which initiates the rotisserie of spit-roast pineapples in the show kitchen.

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The Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences


Dubai, United Arab Emirates






1,025 sqm (restaurant), 255 sqm (back of house)


Brandon Barré