Balancing local and global requirements with flexibility


Ashurst’s new Melbourne office reflects the successful law firm’s ‘partner’ relationship with clients, while establishing an appropriate balance between global presence and local adaption.

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Grant Filipoff

Associate Director, Bates Smart

Located at the top end of Collins Street, the 3-storey, 3,800sqm workspace’s frictionless design allows spaces to be consistent and user-friendly, supporting both client and employee needs. This high-performance solution offers increased flexibility through a modular design. Task diversity is supported through a range of work settings with an increased focus on collaboration. Designing spaces that prompt ‘bump’ interactions has allowed the office to be a destination of choice for client engagement.

Designed through a hospitality lens, the refined neutral palette combined with textural elements allows the office to function smoothly as a commercial workplace with a calming and tranquil atmosphere. The cross-sector design’s intertwining elements of hospitality and workplace provide an entirely new client and staff experience.

With the reception located on the lower floor, a sweeping staircase acts as a sculptural connection between the three levels within the heart of the floorplate. The staircase connects the client floor directly to Ashurst’s staff and a shared café. Merging talent through blended client and staff spaces emphasises the importance of partnership and collaboration between staff and clients.





Melbourne | Wurundjeri and Bunurong Country, Australia







3,800 sqm