A spirit of innovation that spans centuries


Australian Design Review

Quantium’s new home within the former locomotive workshops at South Eveleigh has been inspired by a spirit of innovation that transcends centuries.


The new workplace for Quantium brings the locomotive sheds to life, revealing the beauty of the original 19th-century building via a series of complementary inserts that honour the engineering heritage through their detailing and composition.

The design language adopts restraint to complement the industrial beauty of the factory-like setting rather than overpower the space with a new identity. This allows the vast scale of the space to uplift staff and visitors, revealing the original fabric.

In today’s Australian Design Review piece from Charlotte Huston, Bates Smart Director Kellie Payne explains how the global leaders in the data economy are now “standing on the shoulders of the industrial economy giants.”

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Kellie Payne

Director, Bates Smart


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