Welcoming a new generation of leadership

A new generation of leadership


We are excited to announce the next generation of Bates Smart leadership. Congratulations to our new Associates and Associate Directors, who are experts across design innovation, client engagement, project delivery and practice operations.


We are passionate about making positive contributions to the cities and regions that we live in, transforming them for the better. But our people make us who we are – together, we are leaders in the debate on how we we work, meet, live, learn and heal. We’re very proud to recognise this team as Bates Smart leaders, contributing to the ongoing growth of our studio, our staff and the work that we do.

Associates: Jessie Anderson, Alison Barry, Judy Chan, Joel Collins, Nicole Coutts, Lucy Croft, John Culshaw, Megan Doody, Andrew Le, Sue Mun, Louisa Steffen, Nicolas Wong.

Associate Directors: Sue Al-Azzawi, Lai Yee Chan, Georges Chedid, Marinel Dator, Ray Feile, Natalie Geier, Javette Hamilton, Sally Hsu, Alison Huynh, Brent Lamb, William Miller, Jorge Ortega, Jessica Page, David Strange, Aaron Williamson, Jill Woodley, Anqi Zeng.


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