New Embassy design embodies the spirit of Australia

The Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C.

Embodying the spirit of Australia

The new Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C. stands as both an integral civic space and an enduring symbol of Australia. The design honours the legacy of its predecessor built on the same site.


Architecture, landscape and commissioned artworks combine to embed an enduring relationship between the home country and host country.

Located at the heart of the U.S. capital, the design remains contextually respectful of Capitol Hill and acknowledges the site’s transition.

The building’s transparency manifests the inherent values of welcomeness and trust, while the interior’s expansive atmosphere is representative of the vast Australian landscape.

At the heart of the building, a large atrium serves as an organising and orientating space displaying a powerful connection between the ground and the sky. The U-shaped plan and side core arrangement ensure efficient floorplates, allowing departments to adapt to changing requirements.

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