The Reality of Realty: Where's Tomorrow's Office?

Design Speak Symposium

Work Place / Work Life

After experiencing a significant shift in where we work, the return to the office is underway. But where is tomorrow’s office?

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted our workplace values towards wellbeing, flexibility, work/life balance, and connection to nature. So, how can designers entice businesses and individuals back to our cities?

The Design Speaks Work Place / Work Life symposium next week will examine the influences and changing dynamics of workplace design and explore the role of design in a post-covid landscape.

Join Philip Vivian, Bates Smart Managing Director, in the symposium’s first session “The Reality of Realty: Where’s Tomorrow’s Office?” with presentations and a panel discussion alongside Bill Dowzer (BVN), Ada Choi (CBRE) and Rebecca Trenorden (Carr).

The event will be virtually hosted on the Design Speaks portal on Wednesday 10 August 3pm-5pm. Tickets are on sale now.


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