We’ve refreshed our brand: celebrating our legacy of citymaking through 170 years of design.

Bates Smart's brand refresh

Celebrating our citymaking legacy

Bates Smart has applied our trademark “transformative thinking for future cities” to our own brand, as we look to strengthen our reputation and increase our reach into new markets.


Much like the fabric of cities, a great brand’s perception is continually shaped over time. Through 170 years of design, the Bates Smart brand has always signalled progression and demonstrated innovation in architecture.

This latest evolution of our established visual identity sees the refresh by MAUD and Mucho coincide with the launch of our new website design, which was built and developed by Bone. Celebrating our legacy of citymaking and embracing our position as thought leaders, the update, which also features videography by SIRAP and photography by Gavin Green, creates more opportunities for storytelling, while reflecting the firm’s broader social and environmental interests.

A humanist typographic language had been applied to our wordmark more than a decade ago, giving it a more approachable feel. Today’s modernised typeface is easier to read, while still retaining the graphic impact that comes from a confident, bold typographic choice.

An added sense of warmth, energy and diversity has been applied through a more sophisticated tonal palette. Vibrant blue recalls both the possibilities of an open sky as well as a construction blueprint. Its pairing with a grey tone that doubles as a neutral and a complementary gives the branding maximum flexibility.

The updated identity works intrinsically across all touchpoints and collateral, balancing ideas and projects that visually represent the company and resonate with our staff, clients and collaborations. Just as our work reflects an enduring timeline of Australian development, the new brand identity will continue to inspire and reflect who we are well into the future.

Philip Vivian

Managing Director, Bates Smart


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