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Philip Vivian

100 Climate Conversations

Presented by the Powerhouse Museum, 100 Climate Conversations is Australia’s most ambitious climate-focused cultural project.

Philip Vivian

Managing Director, Bates Smart

The 55th Climate Conversation in the series, “Architecture for Impact,” is a discussion between Bates Smart Managing Director Philip Vivian and investigative journalist Pat Abboud. The two talk sustainable urbanism, tall timber, building stock reuse and liveable cities.

100 Climate Conversations showcases 100 visionary Australians taking effective action to respond to the most critical issue of our time, climate change. The conversations, hosted by the nation’s most respected journalists, are being recorded live at the Powerhouse and released weekly to a podcast. Upon completion, records of the 100 conversations will be archived for future generations as part of the museum’s collection.

Click to listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

55 Southbank: tall timber reuse in Melbourne


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