What's your #FuturePayGap?

Equal Pay Day


Bates Smart supports Equal Pay Day in Australia. We strongly believe that women should not have to work an additional 60 days to meet the average annual salary of men.

Whilst we are proud that men and women earn equal pay in like-for-like roles within our studios, we will continue to promote the progression of women to senior leadership positions. To support this outcome our Parental Leave + Flexibility policies and our Pay Review processes reflect best practice in tracking and reporting data, auditing bias, and ensuring like-for-like pay equality. We are committed to achieving a 40/40/20 gender ratio in our workplace, across our teams and in every stage of a project from tender to delivery.

We acknowledge that career progression is closely linked to the gender pay gap, and therefore must be at the forefront of these conversations. To support our staff in achieving their career goals, we have implemented a new Career Planning Strategy – a structured framework for setting goals and undertaking self-assessment. This approach is coupled with a Mentorship program which penetrates all levels within our business.

So while today’s date reminds us of the difference between women’s and men’s average equivalent earnings on a weekly full-time basis, we are also encouraging our staff to challenge what their #FuturePayGap might be moving forward in their career.


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