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July 2014

Design Excellence Competition Win
Sydney Olympic Park

 “This building will be the next generation of environmental apartment living at Olympic Park”

Philip Vivian

Director, Bates Smart

Bates Smart has won an invited design competition for a new residential tower, at Sydney Olympic Park. This will be the third residential tower undertaken by the practice at Olympic Park. The 34 storey tower contains 378 apartments and a series of dramatic vertical communal sky gardens providing environmental benefits.

The design concept for the tower creates a new ‘vertical community’ and achieves high levels of environmental performance with exceptional residential amenity. It is simultaneously the edge condition, entry marker and gateway on a site where the Olympic Park meets Bicentennial Park and where city meets nature.

Project Director Philip Vivian explains the design approach:
"The design response is a unique triangular shaped tower that is a slender entry marker to Olympic Park, while also responding to its pivotal location. The soft corners reflect the elliptical towers further along Australia Avenue, while vertical gardens continue the landscape of Bicentennial Parklands into the third dimension."

Environmentally the design cleans, filters and cools air to apartments and common areas, provides cross ventilation to apartments and common areas, shades apartments in summer while admitting winter sunlight. This building will be the next generation of environmental apartment living at Olympic Park.

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April 2014

Sydney Studio Competition Work
Kuala Lumpur International Financial District Tower

Signature Tower for Kuala Lumpur

Bates Smart's Sydney studio was invited to participate in an international design competition for a signature tower in the new Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD) since renamed Tan Rusuk Exchange.

Two kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), the development has the potential to transform Kuala Lumpur's identity as a global financial centre, with the tower acting as a beacon for the entire development.

Bates Smart Director, Philip Vivian talks about the Sydney studio's design proposal:

"Our design integrates current workplace thinking, creating three large highly interconnected work spaces, with hubs at the natural intersection of circulation and form. The resulting floorplate is flexible, efficient, and designed for financial services firms in today’s knowledge economy.

'The 380m tall triangular geometry responds to the masterplan axis, sits comfortably within the KLIFD parkland while maximising views of Kuala Lumpur and hills beyond.'

'Inspired by the growth patterns of bamboo, the organic triangular form is highly efficient in terms of wind shear, creating a cost effective structure. The environmental approach is integral to the architecture, with a layered facade reducing heat load and glare, while recalling traditional architecture.'

The building elegantly tapers to create an omni directional iconic profile on the skyline, its warm soft glassy image theatrically playing with the Petronas Towers to create a uniquely Malaysian skyline.

This building’s timeless design will be attractive and adaptable to the needs of tenants through the next century.

The design is now short-listed with designs from SOM and Foster + Partners from an original field of twelve.

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October 2014

555 Collins Street, Melbourne
New Tower Design to Live, Work and Play in Melbourne's CBD

 “The Sinuous Form of the Tower Draws the Vibrancy of its cbd Location up its Full Height, Accentuating its Elegant, Transforming and Vertical Nature”


Director, Bates Smart

555 Collins St, overlooking both Southbank and the Yarra River, is perfectly positioned to create a unique destination, a place where people can truly work, live and play within a mix of office space, residential apartments and hotel environment.

The 83 storey tower splits into two intersecting rectilinear forms working in a north-south direction, reflecting the well known Melbourne grid. The twinned expression of the tower reduces the building mass and accentuates the elegant, transforming and vertical nature of the building. The sinuous form also serves to reduce the wind load effect on such a tall building, as well as softening and anchoring the mass of the building.

The facade of the building features a combination of soft transitioning forms that create openings for the office, hotel and residential apartments. The proportion and size of openings vary strategically to reflect the uses within, opening to important views and registering key datums of the surrounding context. The resulting play of patterning creates an additional layer of complexity and interest. As the openings vary and create shadow, the softness and movement of the building form is accentuated.

At street level the whole corner will be animated with activity, generated by the multiple functions of the building. Escalators provide a connection to the first level where the restaurant and hotel amenities are to be located and 24 hour concierge service will be available. The movement of the escalators both activates the space and improves safety for guests and residents.

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May-June 2014

1 Collins Square, Docklands, Melbourne
Takes Commercial Mixed-use Developments to a New Level

 “Docklands finally has a first rate retail environment”

Kristen Whittle

Director, Bates Smart

1 Collins Square the tallest commercial tower in Docklands reached completion last year. Developed by Walker Corporation and designed by Bates Smart the project houses two lead tenants CBA and Marsh Mercer.

The opening of the building put the finishing touches to the Collins Street frontage, one of Australia's largest commercial mixed-use developments, which will eventually see a total of 200,000 sqm (NLA) across five commercial towers masterplanned by Bates Smart.

Accompanying the opening was the unveiling of the two level, 10,000 sqm retail centre delivered by Bates Smart's interiors division and planned around a network of semi-enclosed laneway atrium spaces.

Iconic Australian artist John Olsen, especially commissioned by Lang Walker, unveiled 'King Sun', a grand 6x8 metre work for the lobby of 1 Collins Square which is the largest piece attempted by the artist since 'Salute to Five Bells' the vibrant, blue mural created in 1982 for the Sydney Opera House.

These major commissions set the tone for Collins Square's commitment to creating an inspiring artistic centre within a world class corporate and retail environment.

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May-June 2014

Gantry Development
Wins Top Council Award 2014

The Gantry, development by Bates Smart, was awarded the 2014 Marrickville Medal in recognition of the conservation of the cultural heritage of Marrickville.

The development skillfully blends a range of residential buildings around a large landscaped courtyard. The new buildings provide a contrasting backdrop for the restored sawtooth heritage facade while subtly referencing the site.

Congratulations to the team and to our colleagues at OCP Architects for their heritage work on this development.

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Commercial 2019

Northbourne Avenue, Canberra

“A network of public spaces embed this site in the fabric of the city”

Guy Lake

Director, Bates Smart

In 2017 Bates Smart won a design competition to for an activated mixed-use precinct and a new campus-style workplace for the ACT Government at Dickson Interchange. The masterplan creates public spaces with layers of mixed-use activity and permeability as part of an 18-hour activation strategy of mixed-use active frontages, including retail tenancies, offices, and serviced apartments.

Bates Smart Director, Guy Lake, explains the team’s design approach: “We believe the external spaces are as important as the buildings themselves, we’ve created a series of linked spaces that enhance the civic quality of the precinct, while also giving areas for respite and recreation.”

The ACT Government offices are expressed as two volumes linked by an atrium; one ordered and orthogonal providing a civic presence to Northbourne Avenue, with the other being a softer, organic form that connects a new public piazza to Dickson Interchange. The result is an architectural form and facade expression reflective of its context, sympathetic of its urban and environmental setting and respectful of its historical framework.

The configuration of the internal spaces draws a link to the contextual orientation, facade pattern and relation to the public domain. Five levels of office space, a large childcare centre and business centre are visually connected by the central atrium which successfully creates a social heart combining coffee, people and work.

Guy says: “We have devised a workplace concept that places the idea of a connected community at the very heart. This new workplace forms a major cultural change program for the ACT Government. This aspiration requires a more connected workplace that offers spaces and places for the staff to come together to work jointly on a project, share ideas and socialise while maintaining zones for quiet, focused work.”

A thoughtful workplace strategy such as the one adopted by the ACT Government is a powerful tool for supporting employee performance and increasing engagement across the organization. In turn, the collateral benefit realised—that which typically supports productivity also enhances employee health and wellness, ensuring a resilient and energetic workforce. The project is due for completion in 2020.

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Enduring Architecture 2018

Smart Talks | Melbourne

293051601 293051601

Preservation vs Progression

A lively panel discussion around the subject of preservation versus progression took place in Bates Smart's Gallery space in Melbourne on September 5. The discussion was broken into three main viewpoints from a heritage perspective – the individual’s own favourite buildings, a sample heritage building discussion, and the city as a whole.

Special thanks to our panel: Chris Kakoufas, Cbus Property; Peter Lovell, Lovell Chen; Romilly Madew, Green Building Council of Australia; Professor Julie Willis, University of Melbourne and Tim Leslie, Bates Smart (Moderator)

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December-January 2016

North Sydney Tower
Under Construction

New Tower underway

Construction is well underway on 177 Pacific Highway, North Sydney for the CIMIC Group. The 32 storey commercial tower will create a new gateway to North Sydney anchoring the northwest corner of the CBD. Its asymmetrical composition creates a dynamic tower that has been sculpted to eliminate overshadowing of special public areas in North Sydney.

A unique long span structure consisting of a 17m span with 6m cantilevers creates highly flexible open plan floors.

The glazed Garden Plaza is designed to form a seamless transition between inside and outside. A restaurant and cafe will offer generous spaces for social gathering and informal meetings.

The Garden Plaza will potentially host exhibitions and events.The main office lobby is raised above the Garden Plaza and anchors the space. A second dedicated lobby is accessed via escalators to a raised volume overlooking the plaza.

177 Pacific Highway is a next generation workplace and will be the first new high-rise office in North Sydney this century.

Due for completion in September 2016.

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