Dec/Jan 2013

New Bendigo Hospital, Victoria
Where Building and Landscape are One

 “Our goal is a significant civic building with Bendigo's social & cultural wellbeing in mind”

Tim Leslie

Studio Director, Bates Smart

The $630 million Bendigo Hospital project will be the largest regional hospital development in Victoria, incorporating the latest design and technology solutions.

Bates Smart Studio Director, Tim Leslie, talks about the project:

'The project has given us an exciting opportunity to design a world-class regional hospital in one of the State’s most environmentally sustainable settings.

'The design will provide a clearly definable hospital precinct which celebrates its history and consolidates existing programmes to allow future expansion. The project takes its cues from Bendigo’s architectural vernacular and natural context and unites them with a holistic approach to health care.

'We have approached the design of the new hospital building and the landscape as an integrated whole. The built form reaches out and frames its garden setting, while the landscape is drawn in to create sanctuaries of tranquillity.

'Our goal has been the creation of a significant civic building which promotes health not only on a physical level but with Bendigo’s social and cultural wellbeing in mind.'

The new hospital is due for completion at the end of 2016 and is a public private partnership between the Exemplar consortium with Department of Health Victoria.

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Sep/Oct 2013

Dandenong Hospital, Victoria
Mental Health Infrastructure Re-Thought

 “The Blackbutt timber has already begun a graceful transformation from warm brown to silver grey - aided by Melbourne's idiosyncratic weather”

Kristen Whittle

Director, Bates Smart

The Dandenong Mental Health project consolidates all residential, research, training and administration functions into a purpose-built precinct facility, onto an acute hospital site. The site is within a neighbourhood of single-family housing, and low rise education buildings.

The architectural design builds on the local residential language using pitched roof forms and timber construction. The distinctive timber paling fence and boxes project a friendly neighbourly face to the Dandenong residents.The pavilions are framed and clad in vertical black-butt timber slats. Timber was selected to provide warmth, texture, patterning, tactility and a non-institutional feel. 

The pavilions also form a series of courtyards, avoiding the need to construct high institutional security walls. The reassuring normality of this arrangement is designed to provide therapeutic benefits and works harmoniously with a new model of care.

Collaborating with our client, we challenged the radiating and linear bedroom arrangements of traditional mental health facilities. We have created a non-institutional design solution based on well-crafted, human-scaled spaces with direct access to landscape, nature and light. 

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July 2014

Australian Institute of Architects Chapter Awards
Bates Smart Wins in Sydney and Melbourne

Win-win Situation for Bates Smart Studios

Bates Smart Sydney Director, Guy Lake, was thrilled to receive the named Award for Multi-Residential Architecture at the AIA (NSW) Chapter Awards for the Gantry development. Guy's team also won a Multiple Housing Architecture Award for the UNSW Kensington Colleges project. 

Bates Smart's Melbourne studio were equally successful, winning the newly created Public Architecture Award which was given to Dandenong Mental Health Facility.

In 2014 Bates Smart won the following AIA design awards: 

Gantry, Camperdown, Sydney: Aaron Bolot Award for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing

UNSW Kensington Colleges, Sydney:  Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing Award 

Dandenong Mental Health Facility, Melbourne:  Public Architecture Awarded to Bates Smart Whitefield McQueen Irwin Alsop Joint Venture

Read the NSW Jury citations.

Read the Victorian Jury citation.

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November 2014

2014 Australian Institute of Architects National Architecture Awards
Hat-Trick for Bates Smart

The Bates Smart team celebrated three wins at the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) National Architecture Awards ceremony in Darwin. Characterised by outstanding work and immense competition, the AIA Awards are a great honour.

To gain three accolades in two categories is a considerable achievement.

Dandenong Mental Health Facility - National Award for Public Architecture. Bates Smart Irwin Alsop Joint Venture
"An outstanding collaboration between an enlightened client and an architectural team dedicated to setting a new benchmark in design"

UNSW Kensington Colleges - National Award for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing
"An exemplar student housing project ... demonstrates how a strong, singular design idea and restrained material palette can lead to a rich architectural outcome."

Gantry, Camperdown - National Commendation for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing
"An intelligent example of how adaptive reuse can be explored."

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