April-May 2016

Bates Smart sponsorship
University of Melbourne

Congratulations to Will Priestley, 2016 winner of the Australian Institute of Architects (Vic) University of Melbourne Graduate Prize, sponsored by Bates Smart.

Currently studying in the Netherlands, Will was able to pre-record his winning presentation for the jury which included Bates Smart Associate Director, Karen Wong, and Associate Johan Hermijanto.

His ambitious thesis proposition was a highly contextual and well researched raised railway line between Jewell and Moreland Railway stations along the Upfield line in Brunswick.

Will investigated how varying building programs and community facilities/infrastructure could be incorporated alongside this raised 2km long construction and speculated the symbiotic relationships that would emerge with the surrounding context as a result of these insertions.

The jury commented: "Will's axonometric drawings were highly detailed, beautiful and animated!

"A well resolved and visually intriguing investigation into the potentially rich by-product of large scale infrastructure interventions and how it could enhance the surrounding community."

Will's award-winning project can be viewed on the gallery link below.

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April-May 2016

Adrian Ashton Prize
Submissions open

Writers wanted

The Australian Institute of Architects (NSW) Adrian Ashton Prize for Architectural Writing and Criticism sponsored by Bates Smart, is now accepting submissions until 25 May 2016.

Open to journalists, editors, authors, producers and others reporting on architecture and design in NSW, the prize recognises quality communication, public engagement and high-quality debate.

The Award is open to entries from electronic, print, specialist, popular and online media, and specialist architectural and design focused public events. Submissions should have been broadcast, published, circulated, or have occurred in New South Wales after the 1st January 2015 and before the closing date of the Award.

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December-January 2016

Eat Drink Design Awards
Double celebration

Eat Drink Design Win!

Bates Smart celebrated wins in two categories at the recent Eat Drink Design Awards. The Fat Duck Melbourne and The Hennessey Lounge in Adelaide's Mayfair Hotel won Highly Commended accolades for Best Restaurant Design and Best Bar Design respectively. 

Congratulations to the interiors team led by interior design Director, Jeff Copolov.


August-October 2016

World Architecture Festival
Two Buildings shortlisted

Twice as good!

Two Bates Smart buildings are shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival Awards.

Director Philip Vivian will present the Canberra Airport Hotel and the TransGrid Headquarters to the festival jury in Berlin in November.

The two buildings are shortlisted against the best in world architecture.

September 2015

Bates Smart sponsorship
AIA NSW Student Awards

Alexander Galego

Congratulations to Alex Galego from UNSW for his project 'Tidal'. Alex won the First Degree Design Award, sponsored by Bates Smart at the 2015 NSW Graduate & Student Awards, Bates Smart Studio Director Matt Allen was presented Alex with his award. 

An excerpt from the jury citation reads: "The jury was particularly impressed to see a complex sequence of architectural spaces integrated into such a seemingly simple structure. The project demonstrates an understanding of architecture which is greater than the sum of its parts. Structure, form, program and spatial experience have been integrated into a proposal of subtle elegance."

Alex's project 'Tidal' can be viewed on our gallery link below and on his website

April-May 2016

Boheme Bondi
International Award

Best of Bondi

Boheme Bondi has won the 'Best Architecture/External Design' Award at the Serviced Apartment Awards announced in London last month.

The jury commented on the project:

"A sympathetic yet striking structure that seems to have instilled new life and a new demographic into the local area. The design is unfailingly contemporary, yet elements – such as the curvaceous form of the tower, and the pigmented precast panels – nevertheless capture the essence of Bondi.”

The project won against stiff competition from Europe. It also shortlisted in the Best Interior Design category.

Congratulations to the team, led by Design Director, Philip Vivian.

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September 2015

Bates Smart Architecture in the Media Awards
Justine Clarke + Parlour

two awards for Parlour

Congratulations to the Parlour website team for winning the Bates Smart Architecture in the Media National Award for 'Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice'. The team went on to win the Australian Institute of Architects (NSW) Adrian Ashton Award for Writing + Criticism also sponsored by Bates Smart. 

Congratulations are due to the other Bates Smart Architecture in the Media Awards recipients:

State Award
Uro Publications and editors Mark Raggatt and Maitiu Ward for Mongrel Rapture - The Architecture of Ashton Raggatt McDougall

Stephen Crafti for Talking Design Radio, Podcast, RMIT University

More information on the awards can be found here

Image of Justine Clarke courtesy of Nic Granleese

August-October 2016

Q&A with Jane Jose
Architecture in the Media Award Winner

“ Our Cities would become kinder places if women played a greater role in city design”

Jane Jose


As an urbanist Jane Jose has written, shaped and informed policy to make great public places for people to enjoy in cities across Australia.

Her book 'Places Women Make' (Wakefield Press, 2016) about women’s contribution to the making of our cities won the National Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media.

We commissioned the journalist Clare Kennedy to talk to Jane about the book.

Why did you write the book?

I was a young journalist in 1989 when I entered the world of place making in cities as a heritage activist. Elected to the Adelaide City Council and soon becoming Deputy Lord Mayor I was made to feeI I had trespassed into men’s business. Later Wakefield Press encouraged me to write my story about the battles to conserve the colonial heritage of inner city Adelaide.

Looking back over two decades working as a policy maker and place maker, I was aware that the stories of women’s contribution to making great places in our cities were interesting and had not been told. I had the idea that by telling women’s stories of place making in Australian cities, I could show the influence and impact women can have in the future in a more equal sharing of the design of places in our cities.Why do you think it is important women have equal influence as shapers of our cities?
Urbanists speak of female-friendly cities, recognizing that if cities work for women they work for everybody. Women as nurturers will innately design places that are not hostile to women and children. Women are good listeners and to meet a community brief is to hear what the community is truly asking for. Women are good mediators in contested environments — they start with sorting family issues and bring this skill to other contested arenas.

How do you think urban life would be different if women played a greater role in city design?
Our cities would become kinder places. The idea behind this statement is to create, through sensitive design, the comfort and shelter of home in the public places of our cities — places that offer balance between the made and the natural world. As decision-makers, so many women have been behind the making or renewal of wonderful public places and not afraid to question design that seems insensitive to community life. Women as nurturers take a long view, acting as intergenerational custodians for their children, tomorrow’s children, and they care what happens to strangers. The glass ceiling on architecture traditionally led to more women designers choosing landscape architecture and urban design as a profession. Through this women bring a holistic focus, designing public space to create a sense of ‘House and Garden’ to make comfortable, delightful gathering places in the city.

What more can be done by industry and government to help women achieve an equal voice in the making of our cities?
There needs to be affirmative action. As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said of why he appointed a 50 / 50 gender balanced cabinet - it’s 2016 and women need to be equal in every sphere of life. Work structures remain geared towards men being at work and women being a primary carer. That’s still seen as normal though it’s changing.

Systems need to shift so that in the intensive early child-rearing years women and men can shift gear for a period, but come back to leadership roles. The rhythm of women’s careers should be recognized and accommodated through designing ways to work. Men stepping up and changing that pattern and sharing more equally with architect wives is one practical solution, given that many architects partner with architects. Equal recognition for women for their contribution is another. Women architects need to remember what the late Zaha Hadid said: “I am sure that as a woman I can do a very good skyscraper.”

What interesting things happened along the way?
As I shared what I was doing there was quite a bit of push back from male architect friends who couldn’t see that women had been left out, and who also questioned what difference it would make. However I always found when I talked with women architects there was huge enthusiasm, and they would tell me another story about a woman who had done something significant that was not well known.

I discovered most people are interested in how cities take shape, and that people outside the design profession found the idea that we occupy cities designed largely by men a fascinating observation and interesting to consider how a gender shift in that would change things.

More information on Places Women Make by Jane Jose

Clare Kennedy writes features on architecture, books and design for various newspapers and magazines. She has a special interest in the impact of design on human behaviour.

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August 2013

AIA Media Awards

The recipients of the Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media have been announced at the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architecture. Congratulations to all!

Images courtesy of Nic Granleese

Bates Smart Award - National
Dream Build by ABC TV is a series of short films revealing some of Australia's most ambitious residential designs.
Future Practice: Conversations from the Edge of Architecture by Rory Hyde is an engaging survey in book form, of the diverse spectrum of approaches to design, each offering a potential future for architectural practice.

Bates Smart Award - State
Parlour: women, architecture, equity is a website for active exchange and discussion, curated by Justine Clark with support from a team of co-editors.

Bates Smart Award - Commendations
Cities of Hope: Remembered/Rehearsed by Conrad Hamann is a exhaustive study on the substantial contribution of Edmond and Corrigan's work to Australian architectural culture.
Designer Suburbs: Architects and Affordable Homes In Australia by Judith O’Callaghan and Charles Pickett is a book that tells the story of the project home in Australia.

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April 2014

AIA Bates Smart

Graduate Prize 2014

University of Melbourne student Mikhail Rodrick has been awarded the 2014 AIA Bates Smart Graduate Prize for his competent and ambitious project.


Bates Smart architect and jury member Karen Wong commented on the jury's decision:

'Mikhail's project was rigorously researched and beautifully presented. It conveyed the deep level of thought and process he had gone through and the outcome showed his diverse skills and architectural ambition.'

View Mikhails work in the gallery below and visit his website

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Dec/Jan 2013

171 Collins Street Wins
National Lighting Award

Illuminating Excellence

The stunning lighting in the atrium of 171 Collins Street, Melbourne has been recognised with an Excellence Award by the Victorian Illuminating Engineers Society (IES).

Judged by a panel that includes lighting designers, architects, interior designers and industry lighting experts, the IESANZ lighting awards set the benchmark for Australasian lighting design

Lighting consultants Electrolight were awarded the accolade. Electrolight Director Paul Beale comments:

'Each project is judged "in the flesh" rather than from photos alone and it is this aspect–the peer recognition of our work–that is the most satisfying.'

Congratulations to our colleagues at Electrolight.

Visit Bates Smart to read more about 171 Collins Street

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Aug-Sept 2014

UNSW Kensington Colleges

Brilliant Bricks!

UNSW Kensington Colleges have taken the 2014 Think Brick Grand Prix Award along with the Horbury Hunt Commercial Award.   

The jury citation reads:

"This compelling suite of buildings exploits the inherent qualities and innovative potential of brick to great effect. Designed with an enviable attention to detail, this project sets a new benchmark for the student housing typology."

Jury: John Tuomey, Sheila O'Donnell, Neil Durbach, Cameron Bruhn, Emma Williamson, Elizabeth McIntyre. 

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May-June 2014

AIA Chapter Awards
Shortlisted in 4 Sectors

Twice as Nice for 171 Collins

An incredible seven shortlistings for Bates Smart projects have been announced for the Australian Institute of Architects chapter awards.

171 Collins Street received the honours in two different categories, along with the following projects:

AIA (VIC) chapter shortlistings:
Dandenong Mental Health Facility - Public Architecture (New)
171 Collins Street, Melbourne - Commercial Architecture
171 Collins Street, Melbourne - Interior Architecture

AIA (NSW) chapter shortlistings:

Corrs Chambers Westgarth - Interior Architecture
UNSW Kensington Colleges - Multi-residentialGantry - Multi-residential
Iglu Chatswood - Multi-residential

The Victorian chapter awards take place on Friday 20 June and the New South Wales awards take place on Thursday 26 June 2014.

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