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171 Collins Street, Melbourne
Reflecting the Richness of its Inner City Location

 “A nine storey curtain of glass pulls everything together and makes the old and new work in harmony”

Kristen Whittle

Director, Bates Smart

The design for Cbus Property and Charter Hall’s 171 Collins Street has been developed directly out of the richness of its inner city location and showcases large open floor plates with unsurpassed views across Melbourne’s river corridor.

Opened in June 2013, the crystalline tower glistens on Melbourne’s skyline. With its gently folding facade, 171 is Collins Street’s first Premium Grade office building in 20 years.

The building consists of 17 large campus-style floor-plates in a side core configured tower. The lower levels incorporate a business centre and high-end retail space including restaurants facing Flinders Lane and a luxury fashion retailer addressing Collins Street.

The design concept for the tower building addresses the façade’s relationship to the St Paul’s Cathedral spires, which sit directly in front of the building when viewed from Southbank.

This new insertion provides a consistent backdrop to St Paul’s Cathedral, previously lost amongst the mixed assembly of taller structures beyond. The Cathedral’s fine architecture can now be clearly discerned against the elegant white glass of the building.

The façade glass frit provides a quiet background to St Pauls Cathedral – like a piece of sky or an undulating curtain drawn down behind it.The gently folding tower façade glazing uses a white ceramic frit pattern that gives the building the appearance of a jewel like monolithic object. The frit serves to reflect light from the outside and reduce heat and glare.From Collins Street the commercial tower is set behind the heritage listed Mayfair building and the two buildings are separated by a spectacular nine storey atrium.

The carefully crafted ground floor lobby, defined by its extensive use of travertine, is dramatised via a shimmering woven glazed screen. This screen provides the frame for the undulating tower that extends through the glazed roof 18 storeys above ground level.

The Flinders Lane facades have been developed into a series of new crystalline podium elements that incorporate machine grooved glass assemblies that emulate the textures of brick warehouse buildings that surround it.171 Collins Street is officially Victoria’s first PCA Premium Grade building awarded the coveted 6 star Green Star – Office Design (v2) Certified Rating from the Green Building Council of Australia representing ‘World Leadership’ in environmentally sustainable design.

Cbus Property

Charter Hall

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Evans and Partners, Melbourne
New Life to a Grand Heritage Building

 “Bates Smart have interpreted a truly special work environment for everyone”

David Evans

Executive Chairman, Evans and Partners

The new offices for investment house Evans and Partners occupy seven floors of the Mayfair Building at 171 Collins Street, Melbourne. The project was an integrated fitout realised over two years as part of the new Premium grade commercial tower development, 171 Collins Street, also designed by Bates Smart.

The Mayfair building is unique; with small floor plates at approximately 250sqm each, a heritage listed façade to Collins Street and a new full height glazed south façade overlooking the nine storey high, glazed roofed internal atrium of the 171 development both providing an abundance of natural light to the workspace.

David Evans, Evans and Partners Executive Chairman commented: 'When we were introduced to the 171 project, Bates Smart showed us a wonderful vision. We were confident they would work with us to achieve the desired fit out that Evans and Partners were looking for in the Mayfair Building and they have not let us down.

'Bates Smart have interpreted and delivered a functional, tasteful and professional work environment that has impressed staff, our clients and provided a truly special work environment for everyone.'

Evans and Partners’ new premises reflects their company philosophy of being established, solid advisers with a conservative and attentive investment approach.

Interior Design Director, Jeff Copolov, commented on the project; ''Our design concept centres about a European niche broking house and private bank, where clients are welcome to use the space for personal business while in the city.'

Evans and Partners had requested the space have an old-world, private club aesthetic with eclectic overtones. The Client’s existing artwork was relocated along with two antique furniture pieces. The workplace floors were designed with a residential quality; detailing and finishes paying homage to the design of the heritage listed Mayfair façade.

It was important to encourage and provide for staff interaction and constant dialogue to optimise communication and both formal and informal information flow. Supporting the work zones are comfortable café breakout areas arranged along the bay windows that frame dramatic views of Collins Street. The quiet calm of the office rises above the hustle and bustle that echoes the fast pace of the investment market.

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Australian Institute of Architects Chapter Awards 2013
Success for Bates Smart

AIA Awards Success

Bates Smart is pleased to announce success at both the Victorian and New South Wales Chapter Awards of the Australian Institute of Architects last month.

Bates Smart's Melbourne studio were presented with the following accolades:

Crown Mahogany Room Expansion - Sir Osborn McCutcheon Award

National Centre for Synchrotron Science - A Commercial Architecture Award and an Interior Architecture Commendation

ICI House 1958 (Bates Smart and McCutcheon) - Enduring Architecture Award

Bates Smart's Sydney studio won the following:

Iglu Central - Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing Award and the Colourbond Award for Steel Architecture.


RCH Artist Wins International Award

Congratulations to Jane Reiseger, artist for the wayfinding and interior graphics on the Royal Children's Hospital project.

Jane has won the 2013 AOI Illustration Award for work in the Public Realm. Jane will be taking part in the winners exhibition and award ceremony at Somerset House, London, in October.

'This is a really enlightened, ambitious and inspirational project. It was a courageous and very successful decision to work with one illustrator throughout the building.

The illustration is excellent and has been applied with real design skill to to enliven the whole building and improve its functionality. This is an exceptional example of illustration transforming an important public building and of an illustrator working collaboratively with a design team.'

AOI Awards

Watch graphics development video here

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Australian Design Review
Video Series

In collaboration with Bates Smart, Architectural Review Asia Pacific introduces a new video series that aims to look at different forms and methods of contemporary architectural practice and production. In this instance, the focus is Practice Collaboration.

Bates Smart director Kristen Whittle interviewed Nader Tehrani (NADAAA) and John Wardle (John Wardle Architects) in regard to their project for University of Melbourne’s new faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

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AIA Media Awards

The recipients of the Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media have been announced at the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architecture. Congratulations to all!

Images courtesy of Nic Granleese

Bates Smart Award - National
Dream Build by ABC TV is a series of short films revealing some of Australia's most ambitious residential designs.
Future Practice: Conversations from the Edge of Architecture by Rory Hyde is an engaging survey in book form, of the diverse spectrum of approaches to design, each offering a potential future for architectural practice.

Bates Smart Award - State
Parlour: women, architecture, equity is a website for active exchange and discussion, curated by Justine Clark with support from a team of co-editors.

Bates Smart Award - Commendations
Cities of Hope: Remembered/Rehearsed by Conrad Hamann is a exhaustive study on the substantial contribution of Edmond and Corrigan's work to Australian architectural culture.
Designer Suburbs: Architects and Affordable Homes In Australia by Judith O’Callaghan and Charles Pickett is a book that tells the story of the project home in Australia.

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Competition Work
Kuala Lumpur

Bates Smart are shortlisted in the International Design Competition for a 380m supertall tower in Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD) alongside Foster + Partners and SOM.

Design director Philip Vivian commented; 'The design elegantly tapers to create an omnidirectional profile on the skyline; its warm, soft, glassy image theatrically playing with the Petronas Towers to create a uniquely Malaysian skyline. The building's timeless design will be attractive and adaptable to the needs of tenants through the next century.'

The proposed tower, designed to be the second tallest tower in Malaysia, will anchor the new financial district currently under construction in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

The limited international competition was held by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia and 1 Malaysia Development Berhad under the auspices of the International Union of Architects.

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Workplace Interiors
Evolution of the Workplace

Cultural Shifts

Bates Smart director Simon Swaney and Strategic Workplace Leader Kellie Payne talk to Inside magazine about the shifting conventions of corporate office design. 

Inside Magazine #77

Agile Working
Culture Shock

After a competitive design selection process, Goodman selected Bates Smart to re-imagine its new Sydney Headquarters, heralding a cultural shift in the business. Director, Simon Swaney talks to Indesign magazine about the transformation.

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Bates Smart Talent
Yue-Ying Tan

Bates Smart is fortunate to attract and retain highly talented students from all the leading architecture schools.

This month we are pleased to announce that Yue-Ying Tan from our Melbourne studio has been presented with the Ernest Fooks Memorial Award for the highest achieving result across Architectural Design Studios from the University of Melbourne.

Yue-Ying is now working full-time in the Bates Smart Melbourne studio, click on the gallery below to view her stunning portfolio of student work.

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Creative Collaboration
Richard Glover

Photographer Richard Glover has captured many Bates Smart projects in recent years.

Richard gives some insight into the role of photography in the architectural process.

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Open House Melbourne
Biggest Year so Far

Declare your love for the city

111 significant Melbourne buildings were open to the public over one weekend in July, made possible by a tightly knit and hardworking group of people including Bates Smart's Tim Leslie.

Visitors discovered the hidden wealth of architecture in Melbourne through Open House Melbourne.

Associate Director Tim Leslie is the current and founding President, below is an extract from his Welcome Speech for the first Speaker Series.

'Open House Melbourne is one of twenty open houses around the world and when founded in 2006 was the first in the southern hemisphere. The event proudly showcases many of the significant buildings and spaces that create our city.

'You may ask how do buildings define Melbourne—aren’t they just bricks and mortar, steel and glass, inanimate, mute?

''Each city around the world represents the society that has formed it. Our built environment reflects our needs and desires, our successes and failures. The city is a snapshot of its culture, its values, seemingly frozen in time yet in fact continuously evolving.

''Through our guides at the Open House weekend and via architects, planners and designers at our speaker series, we assist in allowing buildings to tell their tales.

''We hope to help you understand the power of our cities in shaping us, our role in shaping them, and the paramount importance of design and vision.'

'Tim Leslie, President of Open House with the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor – Open House wins the 2012 Melbourne Award for Contribution to Public Profile

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