Johan Hermijanto
Studio Director
BArchDes, MArch(Distinct), ARBV, RAIA

Johan is a Studio Director at Bates Smart Melbourne. He specialises in the early design and planning stages of the creative process, working with clients and sites to establish the conceptual basis and trajectory of a project.

Since joining Bates Smart in 2013, Johan has enjoyed working across different scales and typologies to provide a wide perspective on how we approach projects.

Particularly motivated by the artistic, technological and cultural pursuits of architecture, he is committed to the highest standard in the initiation of design concepts establishing the design methodology and systems for others to assist in developing in later stages.

Johan has a strong sense conceptualisation and expression, together with a honed ability to translate design concepts in 3D. His interest in research and further studies has led him to teach architecture design studios at both RMIT University and the University of Melbourne.

VIC Architect 18157