Brenton Smith
BA Int Des

Brenton became a Bates Smart Director in 2017. Brenton provides a strong conceptual lead to corporate, legal, residential, hospitality and media projects. He is client and brief focused and provides cross sector experience in all projects to maximise impact and function into the interiors product. His attention to quality and detail remains at the forefront of all projects, throughout all phases of design, production information, and construction.

Brenton’s ability to oversee the design output on a number of projects at any one time, lead teams, and lead clients through the design process is supported by a hands-on approach. Through sketch plans, perspectives and details ideas are progressed with the team and the client to initiate dynamic concepts that reflect the core values and personalities of the client.

In addition to design work, Brenton is part of the core management team pitching for new work and liaising with the client and project management team to ensure the key project milestones and deliverables are being achieved.