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Information technology has changed the way that Bates Smart works, making the design process much more interactive and exploratory. Our new work methods are now capable of unlocking much greater value for our clients.

Global communications have also concurrently streamlined opportunities for Bates Smart to work on an international level.

As a result, Bates Smart has become involved in many projects in other parts of Australia, as well as Europe, North America and Asia and has developed advanced communication tools as a result.

We have a fully integrated IT support network built around the very latest 3D modelling, visualisation and production software, including extensive usage of Revit, Autocad, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, Sketch-up and Generative Components.

This is supported by our own in house image bank library and project referencing resource facilities.

These state-of-the-art systems technologies allow our practice to deliver highly complex and large scale projects in a timely and effective manner both nationally and internationally.