About Us

Bates Smart is a multidisciplinary design firm delivering architecture, interior design, urban design and strategic services across Australia, with a staff of over 250 in studios in Melbourne and Sydney. Our award-winning projects transform the city fabric and the way people use and inhabit urban spaces and built environments.

We understand the social and economic forces currently shaping communities and their impact on built environments of the future. Our founders were the innovators of their time, and we are leaders in the debate on how and where we work, meet, live, learn and heal.

Our approach is not simply about making big gestures. We nurture and develop every size of project and all its elements, until the details complement and enhance the whole.

Bates Smart’s clients are the partners that make the work we do possible. We understand their commercial objectives and the risks that must be balanced to bring their projects to fruition successfully.

As we move forward energetically, our studios embrace the challenge of each project, questioning assumptions and testing solutions until we find their bespoke optimal outcome.

The approach that has delivered our transformational buildings is at the heart of all our projects, large and small; they are affirming, uniquely conceived for our clients, and beautiful.

NSW Nominated Architects

Matt Allen 8498
Guy Lake 7119
Kellie Payne 6454
Simon Swaney 7305
Philip Vivian  6696