Corrs Chambers Westgarth Perth, Perth

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Corrs Chambers Westgarth Perth
123 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Westhern Australia, Australia

Four new offices, one design philosophy: this is not simply a design story but one of cultural change and adaptation. An integral part of independent law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s strategy was to transform each of its offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth into inspirational and innovative workspaces. A vision that would create open, flexible and collaborative working environments to foster knowledge sharing and mentoring, innovation, client connection, mobility and the use of leading technology.

A national approach devised by the design team guided the concept for each office with a consistent look and feel, a common aesthetic and fine details shaped to respond to four different contexts.

In Perth, the workplace presents a cool streamlined interior in reference to the clean lines and seamless architecture of the base building. Fine blades of soft champagne bronze and white aluminium wrap the ceiling and walls in a smooth plane. The vertical blades form screens that moderate the transparency of meeting spaces, while the overall look is a gentle geometric play, the chamfered edges appear to change when viewed from different angles.

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

3,200 sqm