Corrs Chambers Westgarth Brisbane, Brisbane

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Corrs Chambers Westgarth Brisbane
111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The concept for Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s Brisbane office was based on the ubiquitous Moreton Bay Fig tree with its filtered light and extending tendrils – as portrayed on the base building columns and geometry.

Use of warm, natural and timeless materials have an enduring honesty and reflect an international image. Soft, organic elements counterbalance the hard materiality of the building, while the sophisticated blend of hospitality and corporate design distinguishes Corrs Chambers Westgarth from their competitors.

The design aims for a luxury feel such as that experienced on first class airlines and this is reflected in the materials. For example, the workstations have a chevron mitred top with waterfall edge profile and have been finished with perforated leather capping, premium milled fabric and custom re-toned timber veneer. The bespoke timber veneer is also used throughout on joinery, wall and ceiling elements.

A perforated screen allows a counterbalance of transparency and privacy between floors. Premium staff breakout and library areas provide an extension of the client floor.

All floor plates have been tested against the measures of access to natural light, floorplate continuity and hub connectivity.

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

5,900 sqm


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Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Brisbane
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