Boston Consulting Group, Melbourne

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Boston Consulting Group
101 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Situated over two floors of 101 Collins Street, the BCG workplace has been designed to respond to the surrounding Melbourne context, thereby differentiating it from other BCG workplaces around the world.

The design approach began by translating some of Melbourne’s distinctive characteristics into subtle design expressions, ranging from materiality selection, to textures and patterns, and artwork.

Melbourne’s defining Hoddle Grid was used as inspiration and helped define the spatial planning & distinct architectural elements such as feature lighting, glazing strapping and joinery.

Art is an integral part of the design, and bespoke works by a number of Melbourne artists, were commissioned specifically for the workplace. The selection of signage and furniture is also significant and offers playful relief from the linear architectural forms across the floorplate.

Importantly the space provides a variety of different work settings, from collaborative zones to areas which offer concentrated team working, away from the traditional work points.

The floors have been planned in order to celebrate and maximise the impressive views of the surrounding Melbourne skyline.

Boston Consulting Group

3,000 sqm