ASX Australian Liquidity Centre, Sydney

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ASX Australian Liquidity Centre
Artarmon, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The ASX Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC) is the creation of a Command Centre collocated with the ASX Data Centre in Artarmon, Sydney.

This 24-hour, high function environment continually monitors the stock exchange. The design includes an internal ‘verandah’ breakout space. This space is designed as a complete removal for the staff working in a high pressure environment. It provides a contrasting atmosphere that encourages them to unwind and also functions as an alternative workspace during the day.

Also critical in the design is the Command Centre Hub, a technology-embedded control point customised to the critical event protocols that the team have developed. The hub is adjacent to a 16m long interactive data wall that allows them to interact with the monitoring data as a team.

Bates Smart crafted a Data Centre journey, leading to a collocation data centre in which the ALC sells space. The entry lobby and the journey to the Data Centre follow a sales path that is embedded with technology and reinforces the ALC brand and messaging to potential clients.

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2,000 sqm


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Australian Stock Exchange Liquidity Centre, Sydney
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