Allens Linklaters, Brisbane, Brisbane

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Allens Linklaters, Brisbane
480 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The brief for Allens Linklaters, Brisbane, was for a workspace that reflected the practice’s long and rich heritage, while speaking to its market position as both progressive and approachable.

The reception and client meeting rooms provide a welcoming and sophisticated platform, that is both elegant and timeless. A contrast of materials and palette, warm and cool, light and dark, speak to the different facets of the firm and provide a platform to display Allens Linklaters’ extensive art collection.

The workspace provides a balance of spaces to support both individual focus work and collaboration. The collegiate atmosphere of the firm is encouraged through a single staff breakout adjacent to interconnecting stairs and with access to the best light and views.

Allens Linklaters

4,000 sqm