Wool Store Site, Sydney

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Wool Store Site
Alexandria, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

This urban renewal project is located adjacent to Alexandra Canal and is considered significant for the social and industrial heritage it embodies. It is an artificial industrial landscape created early in the 20th century, using depression labour and sandstone from local quarries.

Bates Smart’s masterplan concept provides a simple, legible framework for a development flexible enough for subdivision and staging, while respecting the curvilinear historic form of the canal development. Site development responds to the existing infrastructure, with two parallel spines following the line of the canal and a series of perpendicular cross connectors linking the spines.

In the Stage 1 DA proposal the east/internal spine forms the primary vehicular access to the development. The west spine along the canal will be developed as a 10m pedestrian promenade in accordance with the Alexandra Canal Masterplan. Between the two are a series of public and semi public cross connectors, also creating visual connections.

The primary/public connectors form the entries, visitor parking and car park access to the buildings, landscaped to create an outlook. The secondary/semi-public connectors are spaces between the buildings, either landscaped or enclosed to form atrium spaces, linking the buildings without compromising the primacy of the perpendicular building forms.

Three precincts are proposed. The north retail precinct, incorporating the Q Store and three heritage Wool Stores, extends from Bourke Street to the Alexandra Canal. It contains a varied retail offering, transitioning from bulky goods retailing in the redeveloped Q Store, through to market-style retail in the historic Wool Stores, and finally culminating in cafes and restaurants fronting the canal.

Kitchener No.01 Pty Ltd

165,500 sqm