North Eveleigh Workshops, Sydney

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North Eveleigh Workshops
Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Following a Design Competition win for the concept of a vibrant mixed use community proposal, Bates Smart was appointed to develop a series of masterplan development proposals and preferred concept plan within the existing context and heritage of the industrial buildings. The proposal exhibits its own distinct identity that celebrates the site’s industrial heritage and reconnects the site to the surroundings.

The concept plan extends the neighbouring street pattern across the site terminating in a series of public spaces. These pocket parks are linked by a pedestrian promenade activated by cultural facilities linking the spaces and heritage buildings. Building typologies have been developed to create flexible, commercially viable types that evolve from the heritage building typology. The proposals incorporate a landmark building and public park to the eastern section of the site, adjacent to a proposed bridge link connection to Redfern station.

Bates Smart worked closely with Turf Design and the Institute for Sustainable Futures to provide a cohesive approach between architecture and landscape to promote rejuvenation the industrial heritage of this site.

Redfern Waterloo Authority