Newmarket Masterplan, Sydney

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Newmarket Masterplan
Randwick, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The former Inglis stables have an incredibly rich history within Randwick and Sydney. Newmarket, the neighbourhood that has begun to transform the site, draws upon this history through its masterplan and the design of its diverse housing, creating a new place where Randwick’s past thoughtfully stitches into its present.

Led by Bates Smart as masterplan architect and Arcadia as landscape architect, four architecture studios - Smart Design Studio, Bates Smart, SJB and Neeson Murcutt + Neille - have collaboratively designed the masterplan precinct as a harmonious community that connects to existing schools and creates a new local centre on Barker Street supporting the growth of the Randwick Health and Education precinct.

CBUS Property’s brief for the project called for an integrated precinct that would offer new high quality housing, retail, dining and public open space. We recognised from the project’s outset that this development was an unmissable opportunity to create a new destination for Randwick built on the significant local history.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a place that feels embedded in the local community and the fabric of Randwick’s thoroughbred racing history so that it feels true to its place.

The Newmarket dining court, located directly off Barker Street, is designed to fulfil the function of a community square – a place of gathering and interaction. The space is broken into three typologies, including pedestrian thoroughfares, alfresco dining areas and a central breakout space. The whole space can be adapted and programmed for activations such as pop-up markets or community events.

CBUS Property

65,000sqm (GFA)