Balfour Park, Sydney

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Balfour Park
Chippendale, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The design was an invited entry into a City of Sydney Design Excellence Competition for the redevelopment of the Carlton United Breweries site into a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood. The brewery has presented a barrier between the communities of Chippendale and Ultimo for over 150 years. The redevelopment of the site presents an opportunity to reconnect these previously severed neighbourhoods.

A new ‘green heart’ known as Balfour Park will provide a much needed public space and create a clear connection between these communities. The historic street pattern and heritage buildings form the basis of the proposed traditional urban structure. Within this rational structure of streets and blocks the idiosyncrasies of the site are celebrated. The industrial heritage and the confluence of major urban geometries provide defining characteristics to the urban plan.

The development accommodates a diverse range of land uses including 2,000 apartments, 80,000sqm of A-grade commercial and substantial cultural and community facilities. Central to the proposal are a number of environmental initiatives, including on-site water recycling, cogeneration energy production and passive initiatives such as solar access and natural ventilation.

Australand Property Group

254,000 sqm

March 2004