Convesso Concavo, Melbourne

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Convesso Concavo
Victoria Harbour, Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The design of Convesso Concavo was inspired by its extraordinary and unique location, surrounded by water on both sides, in the heart of Docklands, on the edge of the CBD. The two buildings that comprise the development are inspired by Bates Smart’s investigations of the patterns formed by water and waves, and the reflections from undulating waters of Victoria Harbour. A sinuous fluid line links the two towers with one gesture, while the form of podium recalls the movement of water against the wharf.

The podium is articulated on the north side to address its relaxed north-facing Waterfront Promenade location. On the south side, the facade design is derived from the texture and grain of Bourke Street, linking back to the city through views of the CBD.

The two towers are shaped and located to maximise the spectacular views from all apartments, on all sides of the building. The Waterfront Promenade features north facing, sun-drenched restaurants and cafes lined with shading trees and planters. A lively retail environment on all four facades animates the ground plane, linking it back to the bustle of the CBD.

This project balances high quality and enduring design, efficient and practical use of space, the amenities of a 5 star hotel, and a strong presence in the surrounding city.

Committed to the ideal of total design which responds to a wide spectrum of needs and challenges, the design embraces the opportunity to create a new landmark residential precinct in Victoria Harbour - a living environment designed to fulfil the promise of a very special site.

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Convesso – 45,500 sqm, 31 storeys, 220 apartments; Concavo – 42,000 sqm, 30 storeys, 238 apartments

Convesso 2012; Concavo 2015


V6 Concavo, Melbourne
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Convesso, Melbourne
Eco-Luxe Living on Victoria Harbour