The Eastbourne, East Melbourne

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The Eastbourne
300 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Eastbourne, 300 Albert Street, East Melbourne reads as an assembly of residences — like pavilions in the park — with the Fitzroy Gardens acting as a grand extension.

The Dallas Brooks Hall and Freemasons Grand Masonic Lodge have been located on the site for many years. Retaining its prominence, the Freemasons Masonic Lodge will continue to be situated on four levels on the corner of Victoria Parade and Eades Street.

Bates Smart’s design strategy breaks down the site into individual components that provide scale and ordered horizontal pattern.

Double-height volumes define the three residential lobbies facing Albert Street, Eades Street and Victoria Parade. Each leads to residences that evoke the experience of an exceptional hotel. A refreshed palette of materials with a timeless, yet contemporary, highly crafted architectural approach, complements East Melbourne’s classical heritage precinct.

Low-level residences connect directly with the gardens with filtered views to the sky through the tree canopy. Wider horizontal planes define these residences and provide privacy from the street below.

Elevated penthouses are customised for discerning residents, with an abundance of glass, offering spectacular 360-degree panoramas over the gardens and CBD.


75,000 sqm, 11 storeys, 245 apartments


A Sanctuary in the city, The Eastbourne, East Melbourne
Landmark project overlooking Fitzroy Gardens