17 Spring Street, Melbourne

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17 Spring Street
CBD, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Spring Street is one of Melbourne’s most notable streets and home to some of the city’s most significant government and heritage buildings as well as a newer generation of sculptural towers.

Located near the corner of Flinders Street, the new residential tower at 17 Spring Street is contextually responsive, complementing the surrounding buildings, while at the same time helping to define the edge of Melbourne’s CBD grid.

Considered from all vantage points, the tower addresses the ground plane, the adjacent laneway and the surrounding city vistas. A key design decision involved splitting the tower into two vertical forms thereby creating a more elegant aspect ratio for the building. Further verticality is achieved through suppressing the expression of the spandrel panels to every second and third floor.

The masonry framed expression of the building sets back as it ascends from the streetscape, responding to the surrounding context. Within this stone framework an asymmetrical entry composition is inserted, utilising brass shopfronts and canopies as a transition from the greater form.

Cbus Property

28,000 sqm