150 Clarendon Street, Melbourne

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150 Clarendon Street
East Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The 12-storey apartment building at 150 Clarendon Street is located on a site of extraordinary presence and character adjacent to the Fitzroy Gardens. Retaining the structure of the former Mercy Hospital, the building is located in a predominantly low-rise neighbourhood. The spacious and elegant apartments have magnificent views of the city, across the gardens to Port Phillip Bay, and to the Dandenong Ranges in the east.

In this development, Bates Smart sought to address the building’s relationship to its parkside site in tranquil and leafy East Melbourne. By adopting a calming symmetry and simplicity of form, the building achieves a sympathetic relationship to its historical setting. Closer examination reveals forms and materials that are crisply detailed using a contemporary palette to produce a timeless, quiet elegance.

The building is grounded by a podium that activates the street and houses vibrant, high quality amenities including a restaurant, café, wine shop and boutique grocery store, as well as a pharmacy and medical suites. At the third floor level, the building steps back to create a skirted waistline that delineates the podium from the tower.

The tower‘s armature of double-height precast framing imparts a calm rhythm and grand scale, and shelters smaller scale elements within. The framing lines are repeated in the podium, with its large double height cut-out openings. On the top two levels, the glazing line steps back again, allowing the strong crown of the projecting canopy roof line to float free, giving the impression that the delicate glassy pavilions are suspended in the sky.

Salta Group

25,000 sqm, 12 storeys, 86 apartments