Living Edge Showroom, Richmond

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Living Edge Showroom
650 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia

Located over two levels, the new showroom for Living Edge is reflective of both the company and the high-calibre brands represented. The project involved a complete refurbishment of an existing building and included modifications to the architecture including the removal of solid walls and the continuation of the existing level one strip window fa├žade to complete the symmetry of the existing architecture.

Floorplates were kept as open as possible, with a consolidated single built form centred on the floor plates housing the core and stair up to level one. A dedicated retail space, open seven days a week, is located on the ground floor. The working office, commercial product display zone, conference room and kitchen / bar area is located on level one, in order that they can be discreetly closed off from the general public on weekends.

The showroom responds to the architecture of the building and the character of its location. The interior design utilises natural materials and a neutral palette, with oak timber and handmade bricks as the key materials. The design produces a calm backdrop highlighting the furnishings on display. Fittings and Fixtures throughout are products represented by Living Edge.

Living Edge

850 sqm