Kennedy, Melbourne

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Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

After working together on a number of past projects, Emerald Group engaged Bates Smart to assist with the redesign of their flagship retail store, coinciding with the company’s rebranding and name change. Kennedy represents a number of high-end luxury brands within the Australian market, and the brief incorporated the need to provide the perception of different boutiques within the same retail tenancy.

The façade design brings together four beautiful gold framed glass boxes, each representing a different luxury brand. Access to all stores is provided through a single entrance, distinguished by a double volume gallery. Alongside the façade, Bates Smart, designed the interior within the Kennedy retail space and worked with the other brands to ensure their designs worked with the overall vision.

The design reflects a shift in direction for the company. A move away from a dark, solid and enclosed storefront to a more elegant and open exterior. The Interior, while reflecting high-end luxury, was designed so as to not compete with the high end merchandise.

Emerald Group Invesments

90 sqm