Di-Long Tower, Guiyang

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Di-Long Tower
Guizhou Cultural Square, Guiyang, China

Our vision is to create the cultural heart of Guiyang. With towers for both living and working the precinct will be active day and night. Performance venues, shopping and two landscaped parks will attract the public, creating a new civic & cultural heart for the city. The building forms and landscape will reference the dramatic countryside of Guizhou. At the centre will rise a soaring symbol for Guizhou Province based on a Chinese Dragon. It symbolises power, strength, fertility, and prosperity for the province.

Our concept is to create a building that is both uniquely Chinese, while simultaneously being global in its aspirations. To achieve this we have drawn upon the mythology of the Chinese Dragon.

Shaped like mountains the facades of the cultural theatres are a series of organic glazed enclosures, with an armour of dragon like scales. The organic shaped enclosures are cost effectively achieved with a three dimensional space frame. The space frame is glazed and clad in triangulated scales which provide solar protection while allowing views out. The density and orientation of the scales can be adjusted to control views, heat gain and natural light.

Zhongtian Urban Investment Group

1,400,000 sqm

Competition held 2012 (short-listed)