Zephyr, Hyatt Regency Sydney, Sydney

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Zephyr, Hyatt Regency Sydney
Darling Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Zephyr on level 12 of the Hyatt Regency Sydney enjoys one of the best panoramas of a Sydney city sky bar, with 180 degree views to Barangaroo and across the west. The super yacht aesthetic of the interior resonates with the harbourside location, offering customers a unique ‘upper deck’ experience.

Zephyr’s design maximises the opportunities offered by an open air bar overlooking Sydney Harbour and under the gravitas of the Hyatt brand.

The visual narrative is distinctly nautical, but pastiche detailing has been avoided, with a focus instead on clean lines and sensual curves.

The design team pursued an ‘upper deck’ concept with a rigorous approach that prioritised form and function in equal measure. The specified materials are highly durable, and the joinery has been designed to be watertight without compromising on style.

A classic yachting palette of white, blue and black is used exclusively. The design narrative celebrating the location is further augmented with a solid teak perimeter ledge, steel details, leather upholstery and decking with black corkage.

Working within the base building structure, the bar is placed at the front centre edge of the floorplate, drawing customers towards the view and creating the planning symmetry associated with yacht design.

In parallel with the downstairs Regency Club lounge, designed simultaneously, the ‘upper deck’ and ‘lower deck’ concept has been conceived and played out exquisitely in both form and materiality.

M&L Hospitality

440 sqm