The Douglas Club, Melbourne

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The Douglas Club
Little Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Situated within the Hilton Melbourne Little Queen Street hotel, the cocktail bar The Douglas Club combines the glamour of past, with unmistakably contemporary design providing a quintessential Melbourne hospitality experience.

Overall, the development has transformed the historically significant but dilapidated 1931 Equity Trustees building into a luxurious and vibrant hotel, thereby providing a more activated precinct for this area of the city.

Inspiration for the design, both for the hotel and bar, came from the heritage building and the era in which it was built. Many of the original decorative details have been restored, with interior spaces imparting the elegance and glamour of a bygone time, but with a distinctly modern interpretation.

The Douglas Club pays homage to the luxury and style of the 1930s, specifically the jazz age and Art Deco movement. The name of the bar is even a tribute to the classic silver Douglas DC-3 propellor aeroplane, which was popular at the time.

Significantly, access is provided via Bourke Street, rather than the hotel lobby in Little Queen Street, and is divided into two rooms which flank either side of the main entrance. One side features the impressive bar, while the other focuses on a lounge space, yet both can open further onto Bourke Street. The positioning of the bar at the front of the heritage building is intentional in order to attract the general public, not just hotel guests, and to create an identity which is separate from the hotel itself.

M&L Hospitality

94 sqm