The Club Stand, Victoria Racing Club, Melbourne

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The Club Stand, Victoria Racing Club
Flemington, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Flemington Racecourse is home to Australia’s most renowned horse racing carnival, including the Melbourne Cup, commonly referred to as ‘the race that stops a nation’. The new $128 million Club Stand, provides a unique raceday experience, premium hospitality offerings and greatly enhanced visibility of the track for members.

The thoughtful, sweeping and elegant curvilinear design, captures the spirit of the racecourse and provides a unique and immersive, ‘in-the-round’, experience for members.

The new five-level stand occupies nearly the same footprint as the former, but with increased capacity. The 360-degree panorama capitalises on the energy of the racedays, with outlooks towards the Racetrack, the Mounting Yard, Members Lawn, Parade Ring, Day Stalls, Betting Ring, and Winning Post.

Thirteen different hospitality venues, including the iconic Roof Garden, provides an unrivalled raceday and events experience.

Celebrating the lineage of The Club Stand was of vital importance and the interior spaces have been imbuded with a sense of history, but at the same time championing the Club’s evolution and future.

A timeless palette has been applied to the interior, but onto this canvas each individual venue has been given a distinct and diverse personality in order to appeal to the varying needs and aspirations of members.

The design of the Mumm Champagne Bar provided a unique opportunity to create the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

A remarkable, suspended red ribbon floats over the sculptured bar, weaving its way through the space and acting as both a brand statement and custom light fitting.

The unique carpet was designed using in-house 3D parametric modelling, so that no single pattern repeats. It flows through the space as a dynamic, seemingly everchanging artwork, mirroring the energy and ethos of the Mumm brand.

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