Luci, Melbourne

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Little Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Italian-influenced, but modern Australian restaurant Luci forms the heart of the Hilton Melbourne Little Queen Street hotel, located in the newly renovated and historically significant 1931 Equity Trustees building.

Situated within the former grand hall of the heritage building, the restaurant takes full advantage of the large volume space complete with a double height coffered ceiling, ornate plasterwork and distinguished columns.

Inspired by the history of the building and the era in which it was constructed, the design aims to impart the glamour and luxury of the past with a modern interpretation. The impressive size of the restaurant naturally creates a notable impact, but drama is further enhanced with the addition of a mezzanine which allows guests at the hotel reception and lobby to view the grand space.

A lightwell which previously only existed on the first floor, has been extended to also encompass the ground floor, thereby enabling the creation of a courtyard terrace which provides an abundance of natural light and an outdoor space for patrons.

Importantly, access to the restaurant is provided through the Bourke Street entrance, rather than the hotel lobby, in order to attract the general public not just hotel guests and to create an identity separate from the hotel.

M&L Hospitality

400 sqm