Little National Sydney, Sydney

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Little National Sydney
Wynyard Walk, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Rising 12 storeys, the Little National hotel sits on a tight 800sqm site located directly over Wynyard Walk. Its design offers everything that’s needed—and nothing that’s not—to create a hotel that’s unique in structure, architecture and hospitality offer.

A lightweight steel structure enables the building to span the full width of the Wynyard Walk building. The gently curved form sits comfortably within the streetscape, with softened corners that set the building apart from neighbours, enhancing views.

Inside, 230 rooms are located over 10 naturally lit floors. Rooms measure 18 sqm and layouts are identical, notwithstanding accessible rooms. Each features a wooden framed king-sized bed that sits in a picture window; both elements occupy the room’s full width and height to extend the sense of space. Little National also offers one of Sydney’s only CBD rooftops, where a glass-and-steel volume and outdoor deck house a lounge, bar and library.

Doma Group

7,135 sqm