Tweed Valley Hospital, Cudgen

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Tweed Valley Hospital
Powell & Florence Street, Cudgen, New South Wales, Australia

Bates Smart is working with Health Infrastructure to design the new major referral hospital for the Tweed-Byron region. The new hospital will span seven levels and will deliver 499 new beds, providing health services to meet the needs of the region’s growing population.

The design draws inspiration from the region’s rich agrarian past, with a local community that is inextricably connected to the land. The building’s designed into the topography of the site to create a strong dialogue with the land.

The architectural expression is comprised of three distinctive typologies – with quadrant anchors, a recessive core and surrounding granular forms – coming together as a collection of objects in the landscape.

Building forms are expressed distinctly from one another utilising a palette of durable material finishes which reference to the agricultural context of the project – earthy pigmented concrete is employed alongside profiled metals and glass to create a patchwork of expressions with a memory of the Australian countryside. The strong lines of the agrarian landscape are embedded in the façade expression, landscape and interior concepts, creating a holistic and unified design response. Visitors are welcomed via a tree-lined boulevard that connects the hospital buildings while ensuring an intuitive circulation experience across the site. This is paired with a green spine that offers a landscaped pedestrian link through the buildings and a strong connection to nature.

The project also includes the design of two Health Hub pavilion buildings that provide ancillary health and education services within the hospital’s pedestrian focused town centre, and the design of a 10-storey multi-deck carpark accommodating visitors and hospital staff.

Bates Smart worked in collaboration with Silver Thomas Hanley on this project.

Health Infrastructure

65,000 sqm