Emmy Monash Aged Care, Caulfield North

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Emmy Monash Aged Care
518-526 Dandenong Road, Caulfield North, Victoria, Australia

The new Emmy Monash Aged Care facility, Gandel House, delivers high quality residential aged care to the Jewish Community of Melbourne.

Bates Smart sought to create a strong sense of place and provide a high standard of amenities to all residents. The new facility includes resident rooms that are significantly larger than the current industry standard, reflecting high quality design, furnishings and fittings.

The design has been carefully crafted to soften the visual appearance from adjoining properties. Through layering and weaving the residential forms, as well as providing substantial setbacks at higher levels, the overall mass of the development has been reduced, giving it a more domestic scale in keeping with the neighbourhood’s character.

The use of internal courtyards and open central facilities allows natural light and solar access to penetrate the centre of the plan. The main dining rooms, lounge and activity areas have been strategically positioned in a north-south alignment, to provide abundant natural light and to encourage a sense of calm and wellbeing. The higher levels allow panoramic views particularly towards the bay to the west.

The new building includes 97 rooms comprised of low and high care rooms, with suites on the top floor. Each level includes a dining room, a multi-purpose activity room, and several lounges with views to internal landscaped courtyards. There is also a number of shared spaces throughout the building open to all residents, including a beauty salon, multi-purpose meeting space, cafe, and outdoor landscaped gardens.

Emmy Monash

12,325 sqm



Emmy Monash Gandel House, Aged Care Facility
Designed for the wellbeing of residents, staff and visitors

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Emmy Monash Aged Care