UNSW Kensington Colleges Redevelopment, Sydney

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UNSW Kensington Colleges Redevelopment
Kensington, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The redevelopment of the Kensington Colleges creates a vibrant student community consisting of three traditional colleges, two new colleges and a university teaching space. Four undergraduate colleges are arranged around a central courtyard, with each having a public address to either High Street or the Basser Steps. Combined with the Seniors College and the existing Dining Hall, the group forms an urban precinct which bridges UNSW’s lower and upper campuses.

Each college is defined by a 5-6 storey linear volume that steps up the site in response to the steep topography. The volumes are connected by low-rise transverse elements which frame and maintain solar access to the communal courtyards.

Individual colleges are designed to have their own identity while collectively reading as part of the Kensington Colleges whole. Building facades reinforce this through a consistency of materials combined with subtle modulations of colour and aesthetics. The courtyards are framed by facetted walls of glazed brickwork, presenting a playful expression of colour, texture, light and shade. In contrast, and in response to the mid-century brickwork of the surrounding buildings, the rectilinear external facades use a blend of three shades of face brick as a contemporary interpretation of the original clinker brick.

University of New South Wales

22,600 sqm



UNSW Kensington Colleges
Focus on bricks

Space + Skin III
Facade study series

2014 Australian Institute of Architects National Architecture Awards
Hat-Trick for Bates Smart

UNSW Kensington Colleges

UNSW Kensington Colleges
Creating a Vibrant Student Community