The Lounge, UNSW, Sydney

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The Lounge, UNSW
The University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

As a world-class university, The University of New South Wales was intent on creating a dedicated space to foster a sense of place and pride for students and staff. Bates Smart was engaged to deliver a space that embodies this in both design as well as through the interactions and social exchanges the space supports and encourages.

The proposal aims to establish a quality Lounge and Dining experience, to set a new benchmark in the food and beverage offer on campus and attract the highest calibre of academics through the uplift in amenity available.

Located on level 11 of the Library Tower, the design focuses the attention out onto the expansive views, whilst also maximising use of the outdoor terrace. A rework of the existing façade allows light to pour into the space and create the sense of an exclusive oasis in the clouds.

Key to the design response is an underlying sense of refinement that focuses on the human experience. Natural textures and tones encourage a tactile interaction with the space, setting a comfortable yet formal tone to suit the full spectrum of events happening at individual and communal scales.

UNSW Hospitality

700 sqm