Workshop, Pyrmont, Sydney

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21 Harris Street, Pyrmont, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

21 Harris Street draws on the historical context of Pyrmont’s masonry warehouses and combines this with a contemporary, high-quality workplace.

Our plan is based on the ideal campus floorplate, with open unencumbered floors, and a central green atrium/ hub with vertical connectivity. These will be spaces that are flexible and low-energy with exposed structure and high ceilings. ‘Mixed-mode’ winter gardens spaces have been located at each end of the building, providing tenants with access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

The lower ground level has been dedicated to food and beverage spaces that provide Urban Activation. The food and beverage space extends back to the core and atrium and provides secondary means of access to the office space above. It is physically connected to the entry lobby by an open staircase located within the atrium.

The Harvey Street side of Workshop is lined with boutique office spaces - each with an individual entry. Activating the streetfront, these double-storey terrace-style offices have set-back mezzanine levels and open, airy layouts. A Childcare facility, accessed off Mount St Walk, is elevated above Bowman and Harris Street providing visual privacy to the outdoor recreation space located along the northern frontage.

The façades have a simple and robust quality that reinforces the primary articulation of the building and is responsive to environmental conditions. The expressed terracotta façades defining the eastern and western wing reference the façades of historic Pyrmont masonry warehouses which present an honest expression of their structural timber or steel frame.

Milligan Group

19,190 sqm