Macquarie Exchange, Sydney

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Macquarie Exchange
Macquarie Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Our investigations identify a genuine need for Macquarie Park to transition from a business park into a more urban, city-like environment best-suited to high-quality commercial development centred around the major transport infrastructure currently on offer.

The proposed ground plane will reinvigorate the locality by prioritising social interaction through highly permeable, pedestrian focused laneways activated by retail. A diverse mix of public spaces are flanked with quality food & beverage to add amenity with additional well-being offerings such as a park, gym and childcare provided.

The proposal aims to achieve a more intimate active laneway scale to encourage interaction. The scheme enlargens the public open spaces of the station plaza and park. The change to building footprints also allows for the increased daylight access to the green space or ‘green heart’. Perimeter retail, improved access and legibility at entries and enhanced security through passive surveillance all demonstrate improved public benefit for the wider Macquarie Park community.

Winten + Frasers

83,368 sqm (GFA)