Chadstone Office Tower, Melbourne

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Chadstone Office Tower
Chadstone, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The introduction of a significant commercial development to the Southern precinct of Chadstone is part of the transformation of the complex from a major shopping centre to Principal Activity Centre.

The Chadstone Office Tower introduces improved convenience and urban efficiency into the Principal Activity Centre, delivering new commercial floor plates of approximately 1,500 sqm plus restaurant space.

The bus terminal offers highly convenient public transport access for office workers living in a wide range of surrounding suburbs. In seeking to reduce car use among workers who live locally, direct access to taxis is also being provided, as well as supporting the emerging use of shared vehicles.

The architectural proposals reflect the character of Chadstone and the special urban context of this part of Melbourne. The building is designed to be seen in the round, as a free-standing and more organic object, free of rectangular geometry. Unconstrained by the central-city grid system, the building has developed as a softer form, influenced by Chadstone’s garden setting. In this way, the building naturally responds to established patterns of circulation and land use at Chadstone.

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June 2016