7 Murray Rose Avenue, Sydney

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7 Murray Rose Avenue
Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The 7 Murray Rose Avenue building forms an important part of the Jacaranda Square and the Olympic Park Station precinct, by completing the built surrounds to the plaza.

The building is clearly linked with the urban plaza through active street frontages. Transparent glazing maintains a strong connection with the public open space and reinforces the civic nature of the plaza. The lobby location and form creates a legible building entry from the station and welcomes visitors and regular occupants of the precinct to the ground floor retail.

The architectural design of the building and its facade were developed in response to a number of criteria including: orientation, location, outlook, Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s Built Form Controls, as well as environmentally sustainable design objectives and commercial viability. The glazing’s suppressed joints form a lightweight facade aesthetic, creating a backdrop building to the expressive structural form of the station canopy. Internal adjustable vertical blinds give the occupants control over any glare issues and animate the building’s most prominent facade with subtle changes of tone.

The building’s floor plate has been tested to assess the quality of leasable space in regards to size, access to natural daylight, circulation efficiency and potential for sub-divisibility.

The central location and size of the core allows large, contiguous floor plates ideal for a single tenant user and maximises views to Jacaranda Square and Olympic Park Station. The floor plate can also be readily subdivided into various sizes for multi-tenant use.

FDC Construction & Fitout

6,000 sqm