51 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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51 Flinders Lane
51 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The 51 Flinders Lane site extends from 32 Flinders Street, the project’s primary frontage, through to Flinders Lane. The Flinders Street address provides a robust masonry podium which relates in scale, proportion and materiality to both the neighbouring Herald & Weekly Times building and the Hotel Lindrum.

The tower form is conceived as a ‘vertical warehouse’ with the building’s frame expressed as a material skin which mediates between the all glass tower of 8 Exhibition Street and the Harry Seidler designed office building at 1 Spring Street. This frame and its solidity allows the sculptural form of the tower to be read from all angles.

The proposed building fronting Flinders Lane references the scale, proportion and materiality of this context. The red brick façade is conceived of as an extension of this warehouse context.

It is anticipated that the primary entry for this project will be via the Flinders Lane building due to its proximity to Parliament Station. As such the ground level entry to the Flinders Lane building is wide and inviting. A direct link to the main lobby on the Flinders Street side of the site is provided via a bridge which spans over Spark Lane. On the western edge of the site a wide stair provides access from Flinders Lane down to Spark Lane.

The GPT Group

48,000 sqm