360 Collins Street, Melbourne

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360 Collins Street
CBD, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

360 Collins Street is located in the heart of Melbourne’s historic banking district. This project involved upgrading the lobby and lounge areas and creating a new outdoor plaza.

The project carefully addresses the key characteristics of the site and improves connectivity between Collins Street and Little Collins Street.

The Collins Street entrance maintains a formal and corporate appearance. The existing travertine floors have been retained, yet the space has become more welcoming through the addition of textured timber. Curving around the walls of the lift core and echoed again on the walls adjacent to the escalators and stairs, the timber gives the space some much needed warmth and improves the ambience of the space.

Lounge areas surround the lift core and provide link between the two entrances. These zones provide tenants and the public with luxurious spaces to meet and find respite. The large staircase and escalators connect to an upper level, which overlooks the lobby and provides access to the plaza and Little Collins Street beyond.

The plaza is key aspect of the project. North-facing, the curved grass lawn provides lunchtime crowds with a much needed area of green space, while high-quality food and beverage outlets deliver new options to this area of the city.

The improved connectivity between Little Collins Street and Collins Street, creates a seamless working, social and meeting environment that benefits the urban realm of Melbourne’s CBD.

DEXUS Property Group

30,000 sqm


360 Collins Street, Melbourne

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