2 Darling Street, Canberra

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2 Darling Street
Barton, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Our aim for 2 Darling Street is to create a unique garden city building inspired by Griffin’s planning of Canberra and derived in direct response to its urban and natural context. When this is combined with an open, flexible floor plate with high levels of natural light, good access to views and excellent environmental credential, the new building will be a unique offering.

The ground floor of the proposed commercial building has been informed by its context. The spaces have been arranged to utilize opportunities to create new pedestrian links and experiences. The subject site has a strong dual presence, to North terminating the vista along Darling Street and to West, acting as a counterpoint to the strong axial expression formed by the DFAT entry forecourt. This arrangement informed both the entry sequence but also influenced the overall design strategy through creation of two distinct entry piazzas.

A small park has been created opposite the DFAT forecourt extension and is activated by the Little National cafe. The main atrium and proposed building lobby creates an enclosed street, connecting the two entry piazzas, but also vertically connecting the two commercial workplace bars. The Darling Street forecourt is envisaged as a vehicular and pedestrian shareway, connecting entries into three neighbouring driveways as well as the right-of-way link from Little National, therefore creating a turning circle, a vehicular piazza delineated by the adjacent building forms. The projecting building envelope above the Darling Street end bay creates a covered porte-cochère featuring a weather proof building drop off point and terminating the street vista.

Doma Group

12,000 sqm (NLA)